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Friday, June 29, 2012

Room To Move - JUKE HOUNDS

Formed in late 2006, The Juke Hounds ventured on a special mission to put the “Juke” spin on the standard “Blues Sound”. By adding a high energy approach, an uplifting twist to the songs, and upbeat musicianship, The Juke Hounds built a loyal following regionally. Most folks don’t realize there’s another side to the blues - an upside that keeps the listener smilin’, dancin’ and swinging . . . and that’s where The Juke Hounds set their mark.

The Juke Hounds members are Bob Gardner (lead guitar and lead vocals), Jimmy Kormanik (harmonica and vocals), Gerard Dominick (bass and backup vocals), Doug Barber (keyboards and vocals), and Mark Smallwood (drums, percussion and vocals). The band consists of seasoned performers that have played and toured worldwide.

In 2010, The Juke Hounds won the Cleveland Blues Society “Road To Memphis” competition and represented Akron, Canton, and Cleveland at the 2011 International Blues Competition in Memphis where the band showcased at the Hard Rock Café’ on Beale Street.

The Juke Hounds just finished their first full length release which is out right now. The new Juke Hounds record is titled “Low Man On The Totem Pole” contains some high energy songs that make you want to jump in your car and drive to Memphis or Chicago without a care or a plan. If you like to have fun, then this record is perfect for you.

On August 11th 2012, The Juke Hounds will be sharing the stage with the legendary blues performer Taj Mahal at Lock3! Live in Akron Ohio. The Jukes will be playing concerts and festivals regionally throughout 2012 and select club dates.
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