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Wednesday, November 2, 2011



Get ready for some raw dirt, railroad pounding, swamp-fried, Louisiana Mekong Delta blues music. Like the mad lovechild of Robert Johnson and Jim Morrison, Dege Legg (aka Brother Dege), the Cajun-born and Louisiana-raised leader of the band Santeria, will be performing a November tour of Belgium & The Netherlands in support of his “slide/Dobro record” entitled Folk Songs Of The American Longhair, produced by four-time Grammy-winner Tony Daigle (Dr. John, Sonny Landreth, Gatemouth Brown, Bobby Charles), Legg and Primo (also from Santeria). This is Delta Blues for the 21st Century, raging out of the swamplands of Louisiana. Dripping with atmosphere and backwoods noir. The real deal—death-obsessed, god-fearing, foot stomping acoustic blues steeped in the devilish myths and haunted ambience that permeates every inch of Louisiana. Factor in some Historic longhaired rock & roll influences – from Sabbath to Black Flag – and you’ve got an art project and anthropological study wrapped in one time traveling package.

Folk Songs of the American Longhair takes the listener on a mind-bending, soul-crushing slide guitar journey into the backroads of the Deep South. Legg composed ten original tunes in the Delta-slide tradition, paying tribute to the old masters while pushing into the apocalyptic future. Much like the field recordings of Alan Lomax, the record tunnels into the ancient mysteries of pre-war blues, recorded in sheds, old houses and open fields. It’s like Son House at a surrealist convention.

Dege Legg is one of the best-kept secrets in the Deep South: an award-winning writer & musician from Lafayette, Louisiana. In 1994, he founded the underground southern-psych rock band, Santeria, which toured and gigged for 10 years in relative obscurity, pounding out a strange variety of "southern rock" that relied less on chest-thumping and beer guzzling, and more with concentrating their creative energies on expressing the isolation and loneliness of the modern south - at times loud and overbearing and alternately quiet, subdued and withdrawn. Over the years, he’s explored nearly every corner of weirdness imaginable in the Deep South from jails to homeless camps to driving a taxicab to being a staff writer for the alt-weekly The Independent Weekly.

Thursday 3 November: The Rambler, Eindhoven, Netherlands -
Friday 4 November: Morrison's Pub, Rossum , Netherlands -
Saturday 5 November, middag: JaBo Gumbo Show, Radio 6 - Nix Bluesclub, Enschede, Netherlands -
Sunday 6 November: De Groot, Eindhoven, Netherlands -
Monday 7 November: private function
Tuesday 8 November: Cultuurhuis, Heerlen, Netherlands -
Wednesday 9 November: De Bromfiets, Bonheiden, Belgium -
Thursday 10 November: De Bunker, Gemert, Netherlands -
Friday 11 November: De Loods, Aarschot, Belgium -
Saturday 12 November: Blaublues, Haringe , Belgium (B)-
Sunday 13 November: De Brouwerij, Asten, Netherlands - en


[4/5 stars] There ain’t anybody else out there doing it like this. Dege Legg (aka Brother Dege) is an anomaly – a one-man slide, country blues Dobro player, born & raised in the Cajun prairielands of southern Louisiana. With no label, no big budget promo, no hype, and no BS, his self-released album 'Folk Songs of the American Longhair' his been making its way around the world like the little engine that could." - UNCUT

“Santeria frontman Dege Legg presents himself here as Brother Dege, a guitar-slidin’ force of nature whose songs could fill a hall with their effortless, mostly-acoustic verve. Ranging from quietly desperate to careening full-tilt boogie, Folksongs of the American Longhair is a testament to the idea that less can, in fact, be considerably more. Fans of slide guitar, Southern gothic, or plain old rock & roll attitude need to run, not walk, and check out Brother Dege ASAP. This outstanding record is a case study in how one guy with a steel guitar and minimal accompaniment can out-rock a roomful of electric bombast, given the right songs, the right skills, and the right voice. Brother Dege has ‘em all." - POPMATTERS

"... an updated perspective of the age-old Delta blues. Compared to the mammoth sound production of his Lafayette electric-rock groups Santeria and Black Bayou Construkt, here Dege works in an austere one-man band setting reminiscent of his inspirations. After that, it’s his own game: one slide-stinging dobro and a helluva stomping foot." - DAN WILLGING / OFFBEAT MAGAZINE

Swampy, post-Americana blues…” – RIVERFRONT TIMES / ST. LOUIS

“…offbeat, moaning swamp-guitar gems” – PHILLY.COM

“Great stuff indeed!” - RAVEN’ N’ BLUES RADIO / LONDON

If you’re interested in the evolution of local music, Brother Dege’s show is not to be missed. – THE TIMES / LAFAYETTE, LA

“Really one of the most outstanding CDs I’ve heard this year so far. Great slide guitar, great vocals and production. Outstanding.” – DON CAMPAU / NO PIGEONHOLES RADIO

Folk Songs Of The American Longhair is in the tradition of the slide guitar Delta blues tradition, but with Legg’s own twist.” – CLASSIC ROCK MAGAZINE / U.K.

“I don’t hear this type of music enough of these days. “ – WTUL RADIO / NEW ORLEANS

“… sounds both ancient and modern, like an indie-rock cover of something Alan Lomax may have recorded a hundred years ago.” – THE MIDNIGHT CAFE

“…harrowing, stripped-down Delta-blues which was recorded in sheds, old houses and open fields for maximum intensity. There’s minimal instrumentation on Folk Songs Of The American Longhair. In fact it is a return to the unprocessed basics, almost all of the tracks feature only one vocal, one slide guitar and one foot stomping. Hard.

If you like Seasick Steve, then this is voodoo drenched genuine article. Think William Elliott Whitmore meets Leonard Cohen at a seance in the swamps.” – MAD MACKEREL / U.K.

"The American Folk Songs Of Long Hair" is an album that continues to captivate with each listen. A must!” – ALT COUNTRY FORUM / NETHERLANDS

“Folk Songs of The American Longhair is a Delta Blues masterpiece and Brother Dege is, dare I say, the Robert Johnson of the 21st Century.” – ROOTSVILLE / BELGIUM

“Twangy guitar, a foot stomping rhythm and soulful vocals, Brother Dege is pure blues that doesn't layer on anything unnecessary.” – PLUG-IN MUSIC

“Folk Songs of The American Longhair is an iconic, bare bones Delta blues record, just Dege and a Dobro, and the steel on every song echoes like falling tears in a mausoleum. It’s a chilling portrait of death and redemption, an ode to the long road, and each and every slide draws you down into the earth’s waiting dirt.” – BROKEN BEARD

“Dege Legg, from Louisiana, comes armed with a dobro and echoing voice. Ten masterful tunes spiced in Cajun delta blues and steeped in bubbling bayou mushroom tea. Recorded in a shed in Southern Louisiana these sonic vignettes are equal parts foreboding, mysterious, and inspiring. Tunes for the weary eyed freight train hopper or the soundtrack for a rustic Americana slideshow when salvation comes due. Up tempo Gulf coast pyschedelia that even at its bleakest will have your feet tapping. Enough good things can't be said about this album.” - COSMATOMIC BLOG

“Brother Dege writes brilliant visual texts that are at the same time spiritual and macabre, but always with the soul of a Cajun bluesman.” - ROOTSTIME / BELGIUM

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