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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bman's Exclusive Interview - King Hat Review

Bman:How did the King Hat Review project begin?

KHR:We got the idea to do this project about 5 years ago and started writing it about 2 years ago. Its all written and now rehearsals are beginning and we are in the studio to record the sound track CD. All of the performers you are about to meet are dear friends and creative collaborators of mine and are seasoned professionals who have shared the stage and recording studios with the biggest names in music. It’s an amazing cast of singers, musicians and dancers, Special effects and video artists.

Bman:Tell us in depth about the concept behind KHR.

KHR: It is a multi media stage musical that tells the story of American popular music and traces it’s history from where and when it all started. In the blues and folk blues that emanated from porches, bayou docks & juke joints in the deep south and with the help of a hand full of pioneer DJs spread all over the US and the world and has become the music we know and love today. Original American music, blues, Rhythm & Blues, jazz, rock & roll.

Bman:Who are some of the main principals (individuals) involved in the project?

John Lee Williamson Co creator/producer-rhythm guitar-vocals
Bobby Bragg C Co creator/producer-lead guitar-vocals
David Morgan-Keyboards
Chantz Powell-vocals-trumpet-dancer
Ruby Etoile-vocals
David Chamberlian-Bass
Paul Brown Co-producer

Bman:Who are some of the musicians (past and present, alive and/or deceased) that have influenced KHR the most?

KHR: Jimmy Reed, Elmore James, Muddy Waters, Ray Charles, James Wee Willie Wayne, The Spiders, Clovers, Dixie Hummingbirds , Robert Johnson, on through the British invasion , George Thoroughgood, Buddy Guy, Gary Moore

Bman: Are there plans to take the KHR project on tour?

KHR: Tour will begin with a debut gala in Los Angeles and then tour across the US and travel to 15 major cities and then will tour Europe.

Bman: Anything else you would care to share with our readers about the King Hat Review?

KHR: The show begins with a huge on stage movie screen as a featurette tells the story of an archeological dig in the future where an old chest is unearthed and artifacts from the past are discovered. As the switch is turned on, on an old Victrola, the audience is launched back in time to the beginning of the era that gave us this music and the journey begins. The first act is all acoustic set on a dock in the delta and represents the era before this music was discovered by the DJs. The main character is forced to pawn his guitar and the show follows this guitar as it is handed down through each era and tells the story of the blues. The second act moves to a slightly electrified era of American Blues and continues on through the eras with reenactments of the DJs of each respective era as a guide. The show explores all the decade between the late 30s to present and show the influence that the blues has on all American popular music even today.

Bman: Thanks. I appreciate your time.
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